My unique readings are not computer generated text publications of 200 pages of numerology generalised facts, although I have found mine to be most useful when I first met up with Numerology in 2008. I utilise the systems of Pythagoras and Sacred Geometry, I call upon Angelic and Divine Insight, Holy Spirit, and Source and work in synergy with music, incense and silence.

When working with your chart there is a sacred space as I am essentially receiving permission from you to work with the messages of your HIGHER Self. I sometimes use the Pendulum and Tarot. Then at the point in time when we meet either in person or over a phone call I outline all that is important, relevant and pertinent to your Highest Good at the time of your Reading and then we begin sharing and exchanging because most of what you need to know is ALREADY within you. Sessions can be up to 2hours long and sometimes slightly longer if need be. You can ask for several charts to be included in your personal reading, up to three relationship charts can be explored in a single session, although I prefer to cap it at 2, yours and one other, and return for the others in time. The first contact is made via this website by sending me an email. I respond to you by email and we set up a Whatsapp Call to do simple Audio introductions. I require a photograph of you, probably recent and a Photo of other important people whose charts we are combining with yours.

For those who want a view into the window of the Soul, The Soul Urge number, an overview of their Personality, Destiny and Power Number and LIFE PATH number this could be your moment in time. There is an emerging Spiritual Number : “The Inner Guidance Number”, which utilises the expression number doubled, giving an insight into how to go within and find the answers within the Self. There is so much more to explore in the weave of your whole chart

The synergy of your Numbers AWAITS you!

  • Your Chart, without relationship $115 (ZAR 1600)
    Your Chart plus one other $150 (ZAR R2100)
    Your Chart plus two others $180 (ZAR 2530)