“Numerology helps us understand who we are, where we have come from, our life purpose, and where we are going.
”Numerology is a key to Self-Knowledge.

Firstly it must be said that anyone who wishes to receive knowledge from the intellect offered by the tool of Numerology, should understand its core characteristics and purpose. One would seek guidance from this secret science in order to attain deeper knowledge of the SELF. One would need to embrace, at least the following concepts:

A keen interest in delving into the secrets and mysteries embedded in Universal Intelligence or “God” Consciousness.

An understanding, or at least being open minded to, the possibility of “eternal life” in the form of continuous soul-life-evolution, more popularly referred to as reincarnation.

An interest in psych-analysis and its value

And finally, a desire to understand the essential spiritual purpose of the soul having the human experience on earth. That is to say, one should have at minimum an acknowledgement of the need for spiritual growth and evolution by knowing the Self.

Numerology in itself can be described as the Ancient tool that was used to find the synergistic mystical or divine relationship between numbers and one or more coinciding events or objects. It is the analysis of numerical values of the letters in words, names and ideas. It is also the analysis of birthdates. Numerology relies on accuracy as with mathematics and all things scientific. Numerology in modern times may be associated with the paranormal or alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts such as Tarot. However, Numerology was a derived subject in the times before and of Pythagoras.

Pythagoras os SAMOS was born in Syria 570 B.C. Philosopher and Mathematician, he was much more than this. As Philosophy teaches us to be modest in success, patient in adversity and constructive in our actions, mathematics and all other subjects taught by Pythagoras, showed how and why it all fits together and how it all amounts to principles that govern Earth and Humans and fundamental Universal laws that exist in the unseen. Watch this short utube video to conceptualise the foundation of the origins of Numerology as part of the Ancient Sciences


As a youth, Pythagoras studied in the temple of Melchizedek. Six centuries later Jesus of Nazareth also studied at the same temple because his sect, The Essenes, embraced the teachings and philosophies of Pythagoras. Pythagoras lived to be 100 years and remained youthful, strong and powerful.

Pythagoras found his own school around 532 B.C. Admission was open to all who sincerely sought to learn. Each person who entered had to make a commitment to intense study. The course involved strict personal development structures and was provided in a three-part curriculum. The primary component was known as Preparation and included “the 10 mathematical disciplines” and this was designed to provide the student with “empire over the Self”. The second component was called Purification and its essence was the full understanding of life, purpose and how to work in harmony with that purpose, as taught through the SCIENCE OF NUMBERS, Mathematics, Numerology, Astronomy, Geometry etc . Other subjects were also included. In the final trimester, students were taught the concept of perfection. Perfection embraced the integration of the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of each person and of life.

Pythagoras knew that form came through vibrations, centuries before this could actually be scientifically measured e.g. tonoscopes were invented to take “pictures” of music and analyse waves mathematically, proving that sound can shape matter into form. (Friedrish Chladni 1756-1828) Pythagoras understood that the world came into being out of chaos, by sound and the intervals that produced by that sound.

The vibrational field of sound, music, colour, matter, our words, our thoughts and names, all show form. All are vibrations. Vibrations are measurable. To measure vibrations, we need numbers. Numbers are the key to all mysteries. Number lies at the root of the manifested universe.

  • “Numbers are the key to all mysteries; number underlies form, and number guides sound. Number lies at the root of the manifested universe” – Pythagoras of Samos

  • “Numbers are the key to all mysteries; number underlies form, and number guides sound. Number lies at the root of the manifested universe” – Pythagoras of Samos